Four Shoes 
Leather Work
Belton, Texas
My name is Tim Morris, and I am the owner and founder of Four Shoes Leather Work. I specialize in the design, and manufacturing of handcrafted western belts, and leather goods. Each belt, and leather product is made custom to order in my leather shop in Salado, Texas. I take great pride in my workmanship, and when you wear my custom leather you can rest assured. You're wearing the BEST! I am so sure of my products, that each and every item that leaves my shop is backed 100% by me personally. Should any item ever fail during normal use, simply return it for an immediate and proper adjustment.

I take great pride in my ability to be creative, while at the same time offering customers a great value. I provide more colors, sizes, and styles then anyone in my industry. This is what sets us apart, and makes “Four Shoes Leather Work” products truly unique.

My father Harry Morris is a custom knife maker in Missouri, and has been making handmade knives for over 20 years. He has always told me "The customers satisfaction  with your product is more important than the money made from crafting it. If your customer is not satisfied with your craftsmanship, and service their not going to order anything else, and more important their not going to recommend you". I want to continue my dad's advise. If you are truly not satisfied with my products, please let me know even if it means starting over, and remaking it. And if you are satisfied let me know about that too.


Tim Morris